Valve is working on their own version of Dota Auto Chess

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  Dota Auto Chess is a community-made game that offers an alternate experience to Dota 2, and Valve has taken to the Dota blog to talk about the game, revealing that they've reached out to the creators - Drodo Studio - to talk about working together.

  Drodo Team visited Valve in February to talk about the future of the project, although the conclusion was reached that they couldn't directly work with each other for a number of reasons. "We ended up agreeing that we'll each build our own stand-alone version of the game, and support each other to the fullest," Valve writes.

  This includes Valve helping the existing DAC mod players migrate account progress over to the new game Drodo is working on, which is currently in beta. As for what Valve are doing themselves though, they're working on a standalone Dota version of this concept, with more information being promised soon.

  "We appreciate the great encouragements, support and help that Valve offered on Dota Auto Chess and Drodo's standalone game. Valve has been a great company, who gave birth to the Steam Platform and open community like Workshop, enabling millions of players to display their talents. Being a fan of Dota2, we have great confidence in Valve's new game, and expect the next world-class game. In the meantime, with Valve's support, Drodo will continue updating the DAC mod, and attempt to design new modes and adaptations in our stand-alone game. We endeavor to offer more to you, all the fans that like Auto Chess. Thank you, it's you that are making this possible. We look forward to growing together," Drodo said in a statement.

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